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Autofill settings in Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome developers really care about users. And so they try to do everything to make their browser has useful functions.

One of the features of Google Chrome – the ability to autofill web forms. It eliminates the need each time to enter data into the forms.

Autofill in Google chrome can:

  1. Maintain contact details: name, address (country, city, Postal code), phone number, organization, and email address;
  2. If you want you can keep your credit card information;
  3. Google Chrome automatically stores introduced into the text field and then when refilling proposes to use it;

How to set up auto-complete forms

To make the settings of enable / disable autofill forms you should:

  1. Go to your browser settings;
    Google Chrome settings
  2. Search for the end of the page «Show advanced settings …»;
  3. Find the category «Passwords and forms»;
    enable autofill google chrome
  4. By default, Google Chrome’s autofill is enabled. If you want to turn off – just uncheck «Enable autofill to fill out web forms in a single click»;
  5. Open the «Manage Autofill settings». Here you can add a new address or data of credit cards.
    add an address Chrome
    Fill out the required fields and save the settings.

How to clean autofill

If you need to delete the previously filled with data from web forms, use the hot key combination Ctrl + H, in the window that opens, click «Clear browsing data». Check «autofill form data».


  • Wayne

    On my Mac, in Chrome’s Manage Autofill Settings, I can find and edit my home address and phone number but there is no box for the default Email address I want to use. How do I edit and change my desired Email autofill address?

  • claudia

    I have the same question! It fills in a misspelled email address and don’t know how to change it


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