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Google Chrome parental controls

Many parents who care about the safety of their children on the Internet, asking: «Does Google Chrome browser have parental controls?». Answer: “Yes, there is.”. There are several ways to organize the safe browsing for children. With controlled profiles, as well as – with a special extension.

Let’s look at both.

How to set parental controls on Google Chrome

Controlled profile – ideal to protect your children from sites that they are not intended. With it, you can block all unwanted web resources, as well as create a list of sites to which access in Google Chrome is allowed – «White list».

Although controlled profiles are intended to protect children on the Internet, they can also be used to block sites in the workplace.

In order to create a profile, go to Google Chrome Settings .

Type in the address bar of Chrome:


Or click on the gear as shown in the screenshot below:

Google Chrome settings

Found «People» and click on «Add person».

add person

Important! You have to beat are activated in the browser to control another account.

Controlled profile

For controlled profile by default setting “Safe Search”. When entering many search phrases, including queries for adults Google Chrome will not issue results.

For profile settings controlled need to log into your main account. And found in the «People» the option “Control Panel profiles.”

In this panel, you can change the access rights to certain sites.

Extension Parental Control App

Parental Control App – alternative for the creation of conditions of safe use of the Google Chrome for your children. Just click the link and set the extension of parental control.

Google Chrome parental controls extension

It can blocks the following sites:

  • Adults
  • Gambling
  • Social Networking
  • Online purchases
  • Online Games


  • Colleen

    hey, my son just removes my account under his own settings. This prompts the addition of a random unsupervised account. He then logs in under his preferred account and games away to his heart’s content. How can I keep him from deleting my account?


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