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What is Google Chrome

Google Chrome – the most popular browser in the world. It accounts for over 40% of all users.

This browser based on Chronium and provides enhanced security and high speed operation.

It has a database of sites containing information on malicious sites, which is updated regularly.

Google Chrome has a minimalistic style and has a very simple interface, for which he appeals to many people. However, with the help of plug-ins and extensions, it can be converted into a multifunctional browser, which capable to satisfy almost all the needs of users.

Chrome has a built-in incognito mode, which will increase the level of anonymity on the Internet.

Google Chrome also has:

  1. User friendly control panel;
  2. Omnibox – the address bar, which also serves as a search bar;
  3. The online store with the help of which you can install both free and paid applications;
  4. The ability to change skins;
  5. Built-in functions of automatic translation in the target language;
  6. Storing passwords;
  7. AutoComplete fields;
  8. Panel visual bookmarks for quick access to favorite sites;
  9. Tools for webmasters;
  10. Much more.

What is Google Chrome

Video: intro to Google Chrome

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