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How to remove from browser

Sometimes during installation various programs on a computer installed in addition various toolbars and extensions, and sometimes viruses. For example,, which refers to a type of HiJacker. It changes the default settings of the browser, in particular – is changing the start page.

remove from browser

By itself, this virus is not dangerous, but the site can lead to malicious sites that contain really dangerous viruses that can harm your computer.

Let’s look at how to remove from browser.


There are several ways:

  • For those who are badly understands in computers, the most reliable way is to install the free curing utility AdwCleaner. It copes with various adware, and most importantly – with HiJacker.
    The program is very easy to learn, but if there are difficulties, in the search engines can find the instructions. And even video instructions on Youtube.
    You can also use Ccleaner or SpyHunter, but these programs are paid.
  • Also, you can manually remove istartsurf. You need to do several steps:
    1. Open a browser shortcut properties and remove the link from field “Object”.
    2. Open the “Start” menu and enter the command RegEdit
      Registry Editor opens. Do a search istartsurf. The search can be accessed via the shortcut key F3. delete results that was found.
    3. Also need to search for istartsurf on the computer, do not forget to include a range of hidden files and folders. Found – remove.

That’s how easy it is to remove from browser. By the way, this guide – universal, becouse HiJacker almost always use the same scheme. So if you meet with any such virus, you will already know what to do.


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