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How to remove from PC

When you start the browser instead of Google open a new home page Standard methods to change the start page have failed?

How to remove

Let’s see what is mysearch123 and how to fight it.

Mysearch123 falls into the category Hijacker. That is a malicious program that changes the default settings of the browser, and in most cases, set different start page. Generally, serious threats to computer system such viruses do not carry. However, they can lead to sites where you can catch a really dangerous virus. Therefore, you should get rid of it. Let’s look how to do this.

How to get rid of the home page

I would like to give advice, before proceeding to a description of the method to solve the problem with removing the home page Namely:

Sites like and the like, as a rule, are installed with other software. So, when downloading and installing software from untrusted sites and torrents, be careful. Be sure to check the checkboxes while the installation process.

How to delete a search engine mysearch123 from computer?

There are several ways:

  1. For example, you can use a special curing program AdwCleaner. It is copes with the removal of various promotional extensions, toolbars, plug-ins and of course with Hijacker-utilities.
  2. You can also remove from computer manually. I suggest to watch the video instruction, in which author will explain all steps:


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