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How to remove from browser

If you start the browser and its open home page and you want to get rid of it, I suggesting to read the simple instructions, which will help to remove site from startup browser.

How to remove from browser

Surely you were trying to go into the settings and change the browser start page, but did not succeed.

The thing is that when downloading a program or some extension you have not removed the tick permission to install the default start page. Therefore, – not a virus, and – voluntary changes you have made. And anti-virus software in this particular situation cannot help.

How to remove from the start page

To get rid of the pop-up need to make changes to the properties of the shortcut. Do not be afraid, if for some it sounded like something complicated. Not at all. It’s simple.

It is necessary to open the properties of the shortcut by clicking on it with the right mouse button.

Note the “Object”. At the end there is a link or Exactly this link is responsible for the fact that the browser make redirect to Therefore, you should remove it and save the changes by clicking on “OK”.

Video: How to remove home page



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