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How to remove from browser

What to do if the browser instead of the default home page in the browser opens How to remove and other sites like it?

how to remove

Before answering these questions we look at how and why the start page changes without your knowledge, and how to avoid it in the future.

How gets on your computer? and other similar sites get on the computer along with the installation of software, games and applications, which were downloaded from unofficial sites (pirate sites, torrents). When you install such a program, in the advanced settings of the installation is a point, which is responsible for agreeing to change the start page, or, in some cases, the installation of the toolbar.

Anti-virus software does not block, since it is not a virus, it is the Hijacker. Therefore, to remove need to use a special program to remove Hijacker.

How to avoid getting on the computer Hijacker:

  1. Download software only from the official websites;
  2. Carefully follow the installation process and turn off unnecessary options;
  3. Have a good antivirus on your computer.


To remove from browser you should take a few steps:

  1. Open the properties of browsers shortcut located on the desktop and remove liink from the field Ā«TargetĀ»
  2. Download AdwCleaner and scan your computer with this program. Instead this utility you can use CCleaner, HitmanPro or SpyHunter. All of them are designed to remove Hijackers and advertising applications.
  3. Open the registry editor with RegEdit command, open search (key F3), find and remove Yoursearching.
    In some cases, it can be redirect from one site to another. To know which site is loaded first need to open a browser with disabled internet. View a site in the address bar, and then find it in the registry editor.

These 3 steps will help you to remove or any other similar site from the browser startup. If there are any questions, ask them in the comments.


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